Xolani Gwala taking time off from 702 for medical reasons

Stephen Grootes will be filling in for 702 breakfast show host Xolani Gwala while the morning drive time presenter takes some time out from the station to deal with a medical issue.

702 listeners may have noticed that Gwala has already been off the air for a few weeks. In a voice message, played by Grootes on the show this morning, Gwala gave a personal update on his condition revealing that he is currently facing a serious medical challenge, the nature of which is still being examined by a medical team.

“When we are all clear about what it is, I’ll come back and let you know what it is … I have asked for time off from the station so that I can address this issue and also deal with the treatment, when necessary. I would appeal for privacy and your understanding on these matters, but other than that I certainly will be back as soon as everything is sorted out,” Gwala added.

Gwala thanked all the 702-landers for their messages to him and emails to the station wondering about his whereabouts and showing concern for his well being. He also praised Grootes for filling in for him and said he looks forward to hearing the shows that Grootes will present in the coming weeks.

“We completely support Xolani and his family’s request for time and space, and we know that 702 listeners will share our heartfelt wishes for his speedy recovery,” says 702 station manager, Thabisile Mbete.

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